Class Descriptions

Vinyasa Flow

An energetic flow combined with sustained deep stretch. You’ll start off slow and gradually build up to a dynamic pace while connecting movement with breath for the ultimate mind-body connection.  

Power Vinyasa

Up the intensity with a more challenging Vinyasa Flow. This is a fast-paced class focusing on stamina, strength and endurance and sometimes including arm balances and inversions. We recommend that you have some experience in Vinyasa before joining Power Vinyasa.

Active deep stretch

Time for you to come in, stretch out and improve your flexibility. 


Ashtanga Vinyasa

An energetic flowing style.  The individual postures are linked together by flowing movements (Vinyasa).  It is a set series of postures and regular practitioners can easily see improvement through repetition of the same asanas.  No prior knowledge is required as your yoga instructor will lead you through each class.


A foundational class with an emphasis on simplicity, repetition, and ease of movement. Various poses are combined with breathing techniques and meditation to balance the body and still the mind



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