manager at vital yoga, wellington

Radhika (Manager/ Yoga Instructor)

Radhika’s smile will brighten your day, make you feel at ease and inspire you in your yoga practice, even when you’re not feeling so hot. With a background in occupational therapy, she will lead, guide and support you through an experience of yoga, tailor-made to suit all levels. 

Bachelor degree in Occupational therapy with postgraduate certificate in Mental Health and Addictions

yoga therapist muni

Muni (Senior Yoga Facilitator)

Trained in Ashtanga, Muni knows the science and art of a powerful and invigorating practice. Famous for his sense of humour, he knows how to shake the seriousness out of us all, while at the same time turning the seriousness up! Get ready for a challenge, a laugh (the best medicine) and a workout.

Registered with the Yoga Alliance – RYT200hr – since 2018

senior yoga instructor wellington

Vraja (Senior Yoga Facilitator)

Vraja is super-flexi and super-strong. She has a heart of gold that she puts into every one of her expertly prepared yoga classes. Vraja always brings some exciting new poses and challenges to the mat and her energy is contagious, helping you sustain your determination and focus throughout the class and onwards into the day.

yoga instructor

Ananda (Yoga Instructor)

Graceful like a ballerina, charming and sweet, artistic and creative, her melodious energies flow throughout… but Ananda brings some heat to her classes too! Balanced between flexibility, flow and fire, you will leave Ananda’s classes feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and balanced from head to toe.

Supersoul Yoga (RYT 300) Govardhan Eco Village, India, 2018

yoga psychologist at vital yoga wellington

Gita (Yoga Instructor)

Gita is our doctor yogini, a trained clinical psychologist with a deep love for yoga. Authentic, warm and compassionate, Gita is passionate about sharing yoga with others and this has become a real source of inspiration for many. She has an infectious, playful presence and when it comes out you’re in for a real treat!

Akhanda Yoga (YTT 200) Rishikesh, India, 2015

yoga monk

Bala (Yoga Instructor)

As a young adult, Bala lived for over twelve years in a monastery ashram studying Bhakti-Yoga. He now works in mental health support and meditation as well as yoga and has so much wisdom to share! Bala is a people person, a gentleman, a fun friend and guide to all. His classes will leave you feeling calm, soothed and replenished in body, mind and soul.

Supersoul Yoga (RYT 300) Govardhan Eco Village, India, 2018

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